Dear Guests,


We are delighted to invite you to the Global Alliance for Banking on Values Summit 2019 exploring Migrants, #MeToo, and Melting Icecaps… Redefining Banking for a Radically Different Future.

Hosted by GABV member Vancity, we’ll gather in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada—a city known for its natural beauty, livability and progressive values—February 19-20, 2019 for this intriguing and inspiring approach, one which allows us to explore values-based banking within the context of the social, environmental and economic challenges of our time.

As we enter the third decade of this century, humans face unprecedented challenges. For many years, society has put pressure on governments and multilateral institutions to solve the many unresolved issues that threaten our existence. But experience tells us that we cannot rely on these institutions alone to put solutions in place. Transformation requires a coordinated effort of local, national, and global authorities along with many private sector actors and the commitment and actions of informed citizens. And banks. At the Summit we’ll hear from a wide range of leaders from public, private and civil society sectors from around the world invited to explore what must be done in coming years to redefine the banking industry and its ecosystem—and to explore how can we put banking in service of people and the planet, while making the financial sector itself a resilient partner of society. ‘Banking with a purpose’ must become the natural new narrative if we wish banks to focus on what matters most for generations to come.

Our experience tells us that in order to finance change, we first need to change finance. We look forward to working with you to redefine the role of banking to address a radically changing global landscape.

Warm Regards,

Peter Blom
Board Chair
Global Alliance for Banking on Values
CEO, Triodos Bank
The Netherlands

Tamara Vrooman
Board Director
Global Alliance for Banking on Values
President + CEO, Vancity

Marcos Eguiguren
Executive Director
Global Alliance for Banking on Values